4 Best free PDF to Page Flip eBook WordPress Plugin to Showcase Your Sales

WordPress is a flexible website and blog publishing platform. People who donot know any programming knowledge can also easily make a website or post blog in WordPress. While building a blog, there are many built-in beautiful themes provided for you to design. But this is far not enough if you hope more people visit your blog. How to make your blog more attractive and unique? We recommend you to insert a Page Flip eBook WordPress plugin into the top of blog.

Page Flip eBook showcase your PDF magazine, brochure, booklet, catalogue with 3D page flip effect. It makes you PDF like a book so that appealing people more. To make this kind of ebook, we need to utilize flipbook software. The below article list 4 best and free PDF to flipbook maker. Choose one to make your flipbook Wordpress Plugin.

Flip HTML5 website provides a free PDF to Page Flipbook software. With using this program, you can make flipbook from PDF, office, openoffice and image. There are multiple design elements such as different layout of templates, pre-designed themes. All of them are list on software so you can apply them to design your book. What the difference is, flipbook created by this software can be view without flash and PDF Readers. It is amazing, right?

Besides, flipbook is high compatible to more Browsers and mobile device. As long as the link to the network, people can view your flipbook anytime and anywhere.

It is a GUI version only requires few clicks to make flipbook: import file, design background and upload.

This software helps you to convert PDF to flipping book in three steps. It offers a 3D flip effect. Readers can flip page corner to view and even rotate book in 3D space. If you need to showcase product in 360 degree, you can choose this program.

FlipBook Creator

Import PDF and output flipbook with online or offline format. This software includes many functional tools, like search, share, print and download, thumbnail, zoom and so on.

eFlip Standard

A powerful page flipbook creator which integrates with App Flipbook Maker. Easily make flipbook from Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office , OpenOffice and album for web, iPad, iPhone, Android.